About Privacy108

About Us

Our team understands sophisticated technology, IT systems and concepts, complex relationships with service providers and the importance of developing the right organisational culture.  We provide practical guidance and advice so organisations achieve their goals while meeting their compliance obligations.

Our specialist areas include information security, privacy and data protection, telecommunications and technology issues.

Our services include:

  • Privacy impact assessments;
  • Development and implementation of privacy management programs;
  • Privacy compliance programs including GDPR readiness;
  • Data breach response and notification;
  • Advice on the use of the cloud and other third party service providers;
  • Developing an organisational security culture; and
  • Training and awareness programs.

Who we are


Jodie uses her extensive experience in the legal, privacy and data security industries to offer a unique capability to advise on a wide range of privacy, security and technology issues. Following a stint in private practice, she has held in-house counsel roles for Tandem Computers, Unisys Asia and Dell. In 2000, She co-founded data security firm, Bridge Point Communications.

Pursuing her interest in the intersection of privacy, security and the law Jodie completed her doctorate on privacy and information security practice in 2014.

She is committed to developing and supporting privacy and security practitioners in Australia and has been involved with a range of privacy industry groups, including as the Chair of the AISA Policy Committee and AISA Education Director.

Dr Siganto is a certified instructor for the International Association of Privacy Practitioners (IAPP) and (ISC)2 and regularly delivers security and privacy training for the British Standards Institute.