GDPR Foundations and Implementation: 2 day on-line BSI Training Course available now

Want to learn more about the GDPR and how to implement a GDPR compliant privacy program? This 2 day on-line BSI Course, delivered by one of Australia’s leading privacy trainers, is for you.

BSI: GDPR Foundations and Implementation

Dr Jodie Siganto, Senior Consultant and Trainer with Privacy 108, is delighted to be delivering the 2 day GDPR Foundations Implementation Training course from BSI, one of the leading providers of privacy and security training, for Australian audiences.

Finish 2020 on a high!


Dates: 30 November – 1 December 2020

Delivered online. Registration here.

What will you learn?

The GDPR imposes a number of mandatory requirements on organizations to establish practical policies and processes in order to deliver compliant services to internal and external data subjects. And that’s where this course can help.

By attending this two-day course you’ll understand what’s required by the GDPR and how to implement those requirements of into your organization, with a focus on those requirements which can be particularly challenging.

You’ll get practical guidance on integrating requirements into current practices where appropriate as well as learn ways to ensure that suitable levels of protection are applied to fulfil compliance requirements, which can often reduce costs. You’ll learn what evidence and reporting is required by the regulation, as well as how to align this with your existing governance processes to ensure that GDPR compliance is maintained as part of business as usual.

For both controllers and processors of personal data, this course is relevant to your organization whether they are yet to start or in the process of implementing policies and processes to meet the GDPR requirements.

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