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How To Prepare for the CIPT Exam: A Privacy Instructor Explains

What is the CIPT Certification? 

CIPT stands for Certified Information Privacy Technologist. It’s essentially a certification that shows you have a deep understanding of privacy in technology. It’s a global standard that opens doors for information security professionals to design standards, audit infrastructure, and develop sophisticated privacy plans.  

The CIPT Certification is designed for information security professionals, including software developers, data architects, privacy engineers, and network and cloud engineers. While an info sec background is not a prerequisite for CIPT exam takers, it is advantageous. Prior knowledge of and/or experience with network security, cyber security, and privacy in IT will ensure you understand the context the privacy certification operates within.  


The CIPT Exam: What’s in it? 

There are 7 key areas you’ll be tested on in your CIPT exam: 

  1. The Foundational Principles of Privacy & Design.  
  1. The Role of IT in Privacy. 
  1. Privacy Threats and Violations.  
  1. Technical Measures and Privacy Enhancing Technologies.  
  1. Privacy Engineering.  
  1. Privacy by Design Methodology. 
  1. Technology Challenges for Privacy.  

You can review the CIPT Exam Body of Knowledge here – it contains details about the specifics of the modules. 


How do I prepare for the CIPT Exam? 

Here are the steps we recommend to prepare for the CIPT Exam:  

Step 1: Read the course description for the CIPT certification to ensure it’s the right certification for your career.   

Step 2: Enrol in a CIPT Training Course – and Download Your Free IAPP CIPT Textbooks. 

Step 3: Start studying in advance of the course. The IAPP recommends that CIPT exam takers set aside at least 30 hours for study. You should use the points allocated to each of the 7 key areas outlined above to guide your study efforts. You can review the points available for each key section in the IAPP CIPT Exam Blueprint. 

Step 4: Attend a 2-day instructor-led training course designed to help you prepare for the CIPT exam. Take advantage of the knowledge of your instructor during this time to ask questions about the subject matter and about passing the exam. There are no shortcuts to gaining the knowledge you need, but the training course will help you solidify your understanding, clear up any misconceptions, and get a firm grasp on the content of the exam. 

Step 5: Study any areas of weakness identified when you attended your CIPT exam preparation training. 

Step 6: Take (and pass) your exam! 


What do you study for the CIPT Certification Exam? 

Your study should be guided by the two primary resources for the CIPT exam:  

Travis Breaux’s An Introduction to Privacy for Technology Professionals.  

Image of the CIPT exam textbook for technology professionals

This textbook provides a detailed overview of key concepts and techniques to use throughout the entire data life cycle, including: 

  • The impact of privacy on engineering. 
  • Incorporating privacy into risk analyses. 
  • The role of encryption and nonrepudiation in building solutions. 
  • Concepts of identifiability and anonymity. 
  • The impact of privacy on tracking and surveillance. 
  • Usable and useful privacy interfaces. 
  • Concepts of interference and other privacy harms. 
  • The roles and management of privacy governance. 
  • The integration of security and privacy. 

Jason Cronk’s Strategic Privacy by Design. Strategic Privacy by Design textbook image cover

This book is designed to act as a practical guide to privacy by design. It contains sample scenarios, workflows, charts, and tables to help you develop a fuller picture of the practicalities involved in managing a privacy program. 


Our Number One Tip to Prepare for the CIPT Exam: Take a Training Course 

Passing the CIPT is rewarding but challenging. Attending a training course gives you access to qualified trainers – and taking a training course with Privacy 108 gives you access to instructors who have been delivering privacy and security training for almost 20 years.  

Privacy 108 is an authorised IAPP education provider offering training for people preparing to take IAPP’s CIPT, CIPP/E and CIPT certification exams. All our training is delivered with a view to ensuring every student achieves their objectives whether that is up-skilling, moving into a new role or taking an IAPP certification exam. 

When you attend Privacy 108’s CIPT Exam Preparation Training Course, you’ll receive:  

  • 2 x Full day instructor led on-line training sessions 
  • Official iapp text-book 
  • Up to date Student Guide 
  • Specimen exam 
  • Exam voucher (valid for 6 months and valued at US$550)* 
  • 12 months of IAPP Professional Membership (valued at US$250) 
  • Access to recorded sessions at any time for up to 12 months after the course date. 

Plus additional resources available only to Privacy 108 students: 

  • Link to over 200 practice questions created by us to help your exam prep; 
  • Summaries and crib-sheets to help you study. 


Additional Resources to Help You Prepare for the CIPT Exam 

IAPP’s Glossary of Privacy Terms 

Topics: BSI Home for Industry Reports, Research, Blogs and News.  

The Privacy Engineer’s Companion: A Workbook of Guidance, Tools, Methodologies, and Templates  

Privacy Professor. (blog) 

Information Privacy Engineering and Privacy by Design: Understanding Privacy Threats, Technology, and Regulations Based on Standards and Best Practices, 

The IoT Architect’s Guide to Attainable Security and Privacy 

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