Data Management

Data Management


The data your organization creates is a very valuable resource.

With most organisations looking at creating and consuming more data than ever before, its vital your data is well understood and usable. A comprehensive data management program that supports the effective, ethical and compliant use of your data is now not a ‘nice to have’ but a fundamental requirement.

Data management involves collecting, storing, organizing, protecting, verifying, and processing essential data and making it available to your organization.

Effective data management helps drive operational decision-making and strategic planning by executives, business managers and other stakeholders. It also supports compliance and builds trust with clients, partners and other stakeholders.


Our data management services include:

  •  Creating a data management strategy for your organisation
  • Identifying data management visions and objectives
  • Establishing data governance programs including defined roles and responsibilities for ensuing accountability and ownership of data assets
  • Creating data inventories and data flow maps
  • Developing of data management policies and procedures
  • Training and awareness programs

Wherever you are on your data management maturity path, we can provide the advice, support and implementation assistance you need.


How this Service Helps

Our Data Management service will help you:

  • Identify your key data assets and build a data inventory;
  • Prepare data flow maps to cover the full life cycle of data assets as used by the different sections of your organisation;
  • Establish a robust data governance program reporting to senior management and including ownership of data assets;
  • Create data management policies and procedures;
  • Roll out training and awareness programs for the data management program;
  • Assess the maturity of your current data management program;
  • Identify gaps between your current maturity and your target level of maturity;
  • Design a strategic roadmap to create a data management program or improve the maturity of your existing program.

Ultimately, we will help you establish a data management capability, that ensures compliance with your privacy and security legal and regulatory obligations, while providing a platform for the innovative and ethical.


How this Service Works

To help ensure the right people, processes and systems are in place, our team will work with you to develop a data management plan, tailored for your organisation.

Our approach to data management starts off with discussions with all stakeholders, including business leaders across the organisation, to identify the major data assets and how they are used.  Our team also reviews relevant organisational policies and procedures and existing systems to make sure we have a detailed understanding of how data is used throughout its full lifecycle across the organisation.  These activities ensure that the data management program we create aligns to your culture and is fit for purpose for your organisation.

We are familiar with and typically incorporate the leading standards in our plans.


What you Get

 Our standard data management program development service includes the following:

  • Data management assessment report – We will provide you with a concise, comprehensive report that:
    • Describes your current data holdings, including how that data is used through the organisation and across its lifecycle
    • Identifies and prioritises the key findings and risks areas.
    • Includes a strategy and a roadmap to help build your data management capabilities and maturity
  • Prioritised list of recommendations for establishing or improving the maturity of your data management program.


What Does it Cost

We are happy to provide a fixed cost for any project that involves us working on the development of a data management program for your organisations.

If you are interested, we can provide a free consultation and no obligation quotation specific to your organisation’s needs.


Data Management FAQ’s

What is data management?

What are the benefits of data management?

Data management gives visibility to your organisational data. Data management helps minimise potential errors in the collection, use and storage of data.  It builds trust in the data being used to make decisions. It provides a framework for the decision-making around data.

Other benefits of data management include:

  • Makes it easier for employees to find and understand the information that they need to do their job.
  • Allows staff to easily validate results or conclusions they may have
  • Provides the structure for information to be easily shared with others
  • Helps support legal and regulatory compliance.


With reliable, up-to-date data, organisations can respond more efficiently to market changes, up-dates in regulatory requirements and customer needs.


The corrective costs of not having data management can be significant. The primary reasons for bad data and data loss are that there is no data management system or plan in place, or the plan or system is of poor quality.

By implementing a data management program, your organisation will be taking a proactive approach, rather than reacting when things go wrong, which in the long run costs them significantly more.

Why choose Privacy108?

Privacy108 are specialists in privacy and information security – it’s all we do!

We are familiar with the privacy and security issues commonly faced by organisations and have developed practical and cost-effective solutions for those issues.


Our team has invested in developing templates, questionnaires and guidance documents, using best practices and published standards, that help ensure that all our reports and other deliverables are targeted, practical and easy to understand.  We also keep up to date with all the latest changes to privacy law and practice so we can provide current and timely advice.

The team understands sophisticated technology, IT systems and concepts, complex relationships with service providers and the importance of developing the right organisational culture. We provide practical guidance and advice so organisations achieve their goals while meeting their compliance obligations.

Who are Privacy 108?

Privacy108 is owned and led by one of Australia’s leading security and privacy professionals, Dr Jodie Siganto. The Privacy108 team includes lawyers, consultants and trainers who between them hold many years of experience in delivering privacy and security solutions for Australian organisations.

We have worked as in-house counsel and senior executives, and understand the pressures faced by executives, CISOs, Chief Privacy Officers, procurement teams and in-house lawyers. Our team’s industry experience is complemented by extensive legal knowledge and a desire to assist our clients with high quality practical advice.

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