Privacy Management

Privacy Management


Our privacy management programs empower organisations to champion privacy through policies and processes, education, awareness, and accountability.


Privacy is becoming more complex. Many organisations now understand that a privacy management program is needed to ensure that personal information is collected, handled, stored and deleted in accordance not just with legal and regulatory requirements but also stakeholder expectations.

A Privacy Management Program encompasses all the internal and external governance, accountability and policies and procedures that should be in place, based on your organisation’s needs, risk profile and privacy maturity target. The program should also be flexible and designed to keep up with the rapidly changing global privacy landscape and consumer sentiment.


How this Service Helps

Our Privacy Management Program service will help you:

  • Assess the maturity of your current program management program;
  • Identify gaps between your current maturity and your target level of maturity;
  • Design a strategic roadmap to create a privacy management program or improve the maturity of your existing program.


How this Service Works

Privacy 108 have developed a series of questionnaires and templates to assist organisations in building privacy programs. These resources incorporate guidance on privacy management and privacy program from a range of different sources including:

Our team uses these resources to review your current privacy program, determine maturity levels, identify gaps and develop a practical roadmap for improving the maturity of your privacy program.


What you Get

 Our Privacy Program Management Review includes the following:

  • Privacy Compliance Report – We will provide you with a concise, comprehensive report that:
    • Describes your current privacy management program status
    • Identifies and prioritises the key findings and privacy risks.
    • Includes a strategy and a roadmap to reduce your privacy risks and help build your privacy capabilities and maturity, while ensuring compliance with Australian privacy legislation.
  • Prioritised list of recommendations for improving the maturity of your privacy management program.


What it Costs

The cost for a comprehensive Privacy Management Program review, including all the deliverables outlined above starts from $6950 (AUD) + GST.

This rate is based on:

  • The organisation being a small-medium business, with straight forward business processes;
  • Consideration of issues pursuant to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) only;
  • For a business located in Australia, and carrying on business in Australia only.

If your business falls outside this scope, we can provide a free consultation and no obligation quotation specific to your organisation’s needs.

Privacy Management FAQ’s

What can Privacy 108 do to protect privacy in your organisation?

Our team offers a comprehensive suite of privacy and security services including:

  • Privacy compliance reviews;
  • Privacy impact assessments;
  • Development and implementation of privacy management programs;
  • Data breach response and notification;
  • Advice on the use of the cloud and other third-party service providers;
  • Privacy policy reviews and updating;
  • Support for implementation of privacy management software including OneTrust; and
  • Training and awareness programs.

What does a privacy consultant do?

A privacy consultant helps you navigate the legal landscape and business considerations so you can customise your privacy and security policies to fit your risk profile. Privacy is an emerging industry with decisions from lawmakers around the globe impacting Australian businesses. Privacy108’s privacy consultants are well-versed in global trends in data privacy and data security – and we’re available to help you uplift your organisational privacy policies, awareness, and culture.

Why choose Privacy 108?

Privacy 108 are specialists in privacy and information security – it’s all we do!

We are familiar with the privacy and security issues commonly faced by organisations and have developed practical and cost-effective solutions for those issues.

Our team has invested in developing templates, questionnaires and guidance documents, using best practices and published standards, that help ensure that all our reports and other deliverables are targeted, practical and easy to understand.  We also keep up to date with all the latest changes to privacy law and practice so we can provide current and timely advice.

The team understands sophisticated technology, IT systems and concepts, complex relationships with service providers and the importance of developing the right organisational culture. We provide practical guidance and advice so organisations achieve their goals while meeting their compliance obligations.

Who are Privacy 108?

Privacy108 is owned and led by one of Australia’s leading security and privacy professionals, Dr Jodie Siganto. The Privacy108 team includes lawyers, consultants and trainers who between them hold many years of experience in delivering privacy and security solutions for Australian organisations.

We have worked as in-house counsel and senior executives, and understand the pressures faced by executives, CISOs, Chief Privacy Officers, procurement teams and in-house lawyers. Our team’s industry experience is complemented by extensive legal knowledge and a desire to assist our clients with high quality practical advice.

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