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Need extra people for your privacy team? We’ve got you covered.

We offer services to complement your team. We can provide:

  • A privacy professional on secondment or for flexible ongoing assistance to cover leave or supplement your team when projects arise, or
  • An on-demand Privacy Officer service for your organisation.

Privacy Officer Services

Privacy is one of the most complex and dynamic legal and compliance areas in our rapidly evolving global context. The international nature of privacy and data protection laws compounds the intricacies of compliance. You don’t just need to consider the privacy laws that exist in Australia. Instead, you need to comply with the laws and regulations in every jurisdiction from which you collect, use, store, and/or transfer personal data.

Keeping up and executing best practices in technology, processes, personnel, and policies requires a hard-to-find privacy leader and a team of specialised experts that may be unaffordable as full-time hires for many organisations. And that is before you consider how in demand and difficult to find privacy skills are at the moment.

Privacy 108 can help by providing privacy officer services that give your organisation cost-effective and on-demand access to privacy specialists.


What does a Privacy Officer do?

Broadly speaking, a privacy officer is a person within an organisation who is responsible for privacy. In some organisations, there is a dedicated team of privacy officers who are responsible for overseeing privacy, sometimes reporting to a Chief Privacy Officer or other senior leader. Sometimes certain team members might be tasked with managing privacy as part of their broader role of overseeing compliance and risk.

A privacy officer is different to your risk and compliance specialists and your IT and security experts because they need to bring a unique set of skills and understanding of data handling practices to ensure your organisation is and remains compliant.  Generally, a Privacy Officer will work closely with these other teams to manage your organisation’s compliance with its privacy obligations, incident response, product design and development and third party vendor relationships (all of which come together in your Privacy Management Program (see <link> for more information).

No two days as a Privacy Officer are the same. We know this because we’ve lived it.  Our deep expertise running privacy programs for some of Australia’s most recognised brands allows us to create an unmatched Privacy Officer service for our clients.


Our team of experts

Our seasoned specialists and subject matter experts provide the privacy expertise you need at a fraction of the cost of full-time personnel. Engaging us will ensure that you make the most of your resources, while being able to access the leading-edge experience and industry knowledge you need.

Our team understand the complexities of business and the practicalities of the role of Privacy Officer.  We can seamlessly work with your business, product, marketing, legal and customer solutions teams to answer their day-to-day privacy questions.  We are flexible and agile to fit into your organisation’s ways of working.

We have deep business, commercial and risk and compliance expertise which means that we can work within your existing organisations frameworks to meet business timeframes while ensuring commercial outcomes.


How we can help

Whether your need is for ad hoc privacy support, cover to backfill when an existing team-member takes leave or interim support you while you recruit or your team is expanding, we have the right privacy people to fit into your organisation’s existing processes.

We focus on a proactive approach to privacy that may include any of the following:

  • Strategic planning and privacy program development
  • Establishing a privacy function, with a pathway to transition to internal personnel if required
  • Privacy legal and compliance reviews
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Privacy risk management processes
  • Project Support and Advice, including regulatory change
  • Audits of your privacy program
  • Incident Response, Assessment and Management
  • Retainer: Consulting hours to use over time

Our privacy consultants are available for small, medium and large sized engagements.  We’re experienced across industry and jurisdictions, and we’re flexible to meet your needs.

The process is simple. Contact us by phone or email. We can then work together on a list of requirements to meet your needs, and a price that suits your budget.

Our privacy specialists become part of your team, providing the hard to find expertise that your privacy program needs for success, at a price that meets your budget.

Use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us now for a free, no obligation discussion of your needs.

Privacy People, when you need them.

Need flexible assistance? We can help.

If you’re embarking on a big project or need cover when a member of your privacy team or your company’s lawyer is absent, Privacy People can help you fill the gap.

We offer flexible in-house solutions at competitive daily or weekly rates. Our consultants can bolster your privacy team for a specific project or for leave cover.

Depending on your requirements, our flexible solutions might include:

  • Attendance on site, if required
  • Management of your costs with fixed fees
  • Meeting your resourcing needs with expert and experienced privacy consultants.

The demands on the privacy team do not stop just because a team member is away.


I’m looking to engage a privacy professional 

Whether you are looking to cover periods of extended leave, or to quickly increase resources to cater to short-term projects, we can help you do this quickly and efficiently, by providing high calibre talent to suit your business needs.

We draw on our specialist privacy expertise as well as our understanding of your business needs to determine your exact placement requirements, ensuring we provide the best possible fit for your team, helping you reliably maintain or boost your team’s capacity and capability with ease.

Our Privacy People professionals are carefully selected via Privacy 108’s recruitment processes. We continue to provide our privacy professionals with the support and expertise of our firm for the duration of their engagement, sharing best practices and our own experience to ensuring the continual achievement of their objectives.


I’m a privacy professional looking for a new career opportunity

Privacy People provides career alternatives for privacy professionals looking for new, exciting career opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for the flexibility that comes with from working on short-term projects, or a long-term career opportunity, we’re here to guide you through each step of the journey to ensure you find the right fit for you.

We work with a varied and interesting client base, from large multinational corporations to start-ups and non-profit organisations. Our client list is rapidly growing and with so many changes in the fields of privacy and data protection, new and exciting projects are arising on a weekly basis.

If you want more control over the pace and direction of your career and the opportunity to work on challenging, exciting projects whilst having the support of a team that cares about you, your goals and your professional development, get in touch with us.

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