Foundations of Privacy: Who Should Take IAPP’s Newest Privacy Training Course

The IAPP announced its new course in September 2022 – Foundations of Privacy. This course provides a baseline of privacy knowledge and concepts for individuals and teams. In this post, we’ll outline the course and provide details about who should consider it.  

What Does the Foundations of Privacy Course Cover? 

The world needs more privacy professionals. It’s a growing field, with more legislation being developed and enacted around the world. However, it’s also hard to get into. This course is designed to bridge that gap. 

The Foundations of Privacy course is marketed as “Your starting point in privacy education”. It covers the fundamental privacy concepts and practices, which we’ll outline in more detail below.  

Watch the IAPP Announcement for the course (on LinkedIn). 

The 7 Learning Modules 

IAPP Foundations of Privacy logoThe seven learning modules covered in the Foundations of Privacy course are:  

  • Key Privacy Concepts 
  • Fair Information Practices  
  • The Data Life Cycle 
  • Models for Data Protection Legislation 
  • Major Privacy and Data Protection Laws 
  • Case Studies 
  • Emerging Topics.  

The course content focuses on delivering real-world privacy skills, including the skills needed to solve privacy problems in the dynamic changing landscape. The case studies’ content highlights real failings and what decisions lead to those failures and contrasts those with privacy success stories, ensuring students have models of good and poor decision-making to work with.  

Who Should Take the Foundations of Privacy Course 

The information covered is designed to give both individuals and groups the basic understanding they need to start working within the privacy field. Helpfully, the course covers privacy concepts that are common across various jurisdictions around the world. It also provides an overview of the major data privacy and data protection laws. This ensures learners are informed about existing and emerging laws likely to impact their day-to-day operations. 

For individuals, the course is a launching pad for more advanced privacy training and certification testing.  However, the practical foundational knowledge and case studies give exam-takers real-world skills. 

The course is also designed to be delivered to groups at an organisation. It allows organisations to distribute essential knowledge about privacy across departments with growing privacy responsibilities, such as marketing, human resources, product development, customer service, and finance.  

Benefits of the Foundations of Privacy Course 

Taking the foundations of privacy course comes with the following benefits:  

  • Learn a common language to discuss privacy.  

Discussing privacy issues with other privacy professionals and organisational stakeholders is much easier if you all know the same language. The Foundations of Privacy course introduces common privacy concepts and the language associated with it.  

  • Boost your career prospects.  

The Foundations of Privacy training is designed to help budding privacy professionals to kickstart their careers. However, individuals in other departments can also boost their careers by taking this course. Regardless of your career aspirations, this course shows that you know and understand foundational privacy – which is an incredibly valuable skill in today’s marketplace. 

  • Hone your analytical skills. 

Course-takers are equipped with essential analytical skills, including the ability to examine and react appropriately to emerging issues. Participants can expect to be able to identify key privacy issues and assess and apply privacy principles after completing the course. These skills are critical in today’s workforce. 

Foundations of Privacy Training with Privacy 108 

Privacy 108’s qualified trainers have been delivering privacy and security training for nearly 20 years. We are an authorised IAPP education provider.  

Our training is delivered with a view to ensuring every student achieves their objectives whether that is up-skilling, moving into a new role or taking an IAPP certification exam. 

The Foundations of Privacy training includes 1 full-day instructor-led training program, as well as an up-to-date student guide and additional resources exclusively available to our students.  

For upcoming training, see our Events page. 

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