Free on-line GDPR Training: Our Top 5 Picks

Interested in GDPR training? We’ve found some of the best FREE on-line resources for you.

Selecting the right course when faced with a wide range of options can prove a somewhat daunting task, so we’ve taken out some of the hard work and tried and tested the most popular online GDPR courses, selecting our favourites for you to consider.

A simple internet search for “GDPR Training” will yield a plethora of resources from training institutions all over the world. Whilst many of these online course offerings are well written and delivered, they also attract a hefty cost or subscription fee.

However, there are a few valuable resources out there offering free course materials and practical training on the fundamentals of the GDPR, meaning you do not have to fork out additional fees to gain some basic awareness of the implications of the regulation and how it affects you and your business.

What GDPR training do we recommend?

The following are our top 5 picks for free GDPR training courses:

Advisera – EU GDPR Foundations Course

Duration: Self-paced, approximately 8 hours.

This is a beginner-level course, requiring no prior knowledge in data protection regulation, and aims to teach the fundamentals. Participants can purchase online certification however access to the course modules and embedded quizzes is completely free. All video lectures in the modules are pre-recorded and can be accessed at your convenience, with no time limit for completion. You can choose to complete all modules, or only those covering topics of interest.

The modules covered in Advisera’s EU GDPR Foundations Course include:

  • Privacy Origins and GDPR Basics;
  • Legitimate Purposes and Principles;
  • Transparency through Privacy Notice;
  • Inventory of Processing Activities and Retention;
  • Consent and Data Subject Access Requests;
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment and Risk Assessments;
  • Security of Personal Data and Privacy by Design;
  • Data Transfers and Managing Third Parties;
  • Data Breaches.

University of Groningen – Understanding the GDPR

Duration: Approximately 3 hours per week for 4 weeks. This course is self-paced, and content is pre-recorded so that participants can complete the modules and quizzes in their own time.

This course is delivered in four modules, covering:

  1. The basic fundamentals and key principles of the GDPR, the applicability of the GDPR and data protection roles;
  2. The rights of the data subject, their relevance in practice and how they are to be supported;
  3. The obligations of data controllers and data processors and the steps required to ensure their respective compliance with the GDPR; and
  4. The significance of GDPR enforcement and compliance, the role of supervisory authorities and data transfers outside the EU.

The course is delivered in an engaging, interactive format comprising of videos, articles and discussion boards, where participants are encouraged to converse with each other and ask questions about the concepts introduced in each module.

Coursera – Security and Privacy for Big Data Part 2

Duration: Approximately 1 hour, self-paced.

This is a practical course that focuses on exploring the basic concepts of GDPR rule for businesses in the EU or offering goods or services to residents of the EU.

The course is comprised of 11 short videos and 2 practice exercises that participants are encouraged to undertake to utilise their newly gained knowledge. Whilst this course provides an overview of the basic concepts and principles of the GDPR, the content is focused on the practical application of data security and protection mechanisms. Real world examples are used to present the concepts of data anonymisation, pseudonymisation and encryption and some helpful scenarios related to healthcare providers and health data make this a worthwhile option for those working in the healthcare sector.

Alison – General Data Protection Regulation for Businesses and Individuals

Duration: 3 hours, self-paced. Content is pre-recorded so that participants can complete the modules and course assessment in their own time.

This beginner’s level course teaches participants everything that they need to know about the GDPR and how to protect a business from any severe financial losses that may come as a result of non-compliance.

Participants are introduced to the fundamental principles of GDPR whilst gaining an understanding of how it aims to give data subjects control of their data and how organisations can help to protect their privacy.  The course covers the steps that should be taken by small and large organisations in order to meet the compliance standards of the GDPR. The materials also provide an outline of the vital role of the Data Protection Officer and establishes the steps an organisation can take to secure cloud-based environments.


With an offering of over 60 short-courses across all aspects of GDPR compliance, Udemy is a one stop shop for anyone looking to learn more about the GDPR, how it applies to your business and what you need to in order to comply. The courses available on the Udemy platform do attract fees, ranging from $10.99 up to $199.99 per course, however you can sign up to a 30 day free trial which will allow you access to all of the courses on the platform.

Whichever you choose, the quality of the content and materials of the courses listed above have confirmed that budget constraints need not be a barrier to ensuring your organisation’s compliance with the GDPR.

If there are other courses or resources you like, please let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

Happy learning!

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