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CIPT Qualifications and Your Career: Where Will This Certification Take You?

With regulators increasing focusing on data security and cyber security, many tech professionals are considering the CIPT certification. Given that every organisation has data privacy needs, and that IT professionals play a key role in fulfilling those data privacy needs, the demand for the CIPT certification is quickly growing. But is the CIPT certification is worth it? 


What is a CIPT Certification? 

The CIPT, or Certified Information Privacy Technologist, certification exam tests technology and data professionals on their understanding and ability to integrate strategies and techniques to minimize privacy threats. The certification is designed for information security professionals, including software developers, data architects, privacy engineers, and network and cloud engineers.  

The CIPT certification is a first-of-its-kind global standard that demonstrates sophisticated practical and theoretical knowledge of privacy design standards, audit infrastructure, and privacy planning in technology.  


Is the CIPT Certification Worth It? 

The CIPT certification is certainly worthwhile for information security professionals looking to deepen their understanding of privacy and commence their career in the privacy field. But the qualification may become more relevant even for generalist information security professionals, organisations with smaller in-house IT teams, or IT agencies who provide outsourced IT services.  

Privacy and cybersecurity obligations being placed on Australian organisations look set to continue to increase, and enforcement for inadequate cybersecurity is no longer unheard of. In this environment, we anticipate that more organisations will be seeking information security professionals with a deep understanding of privacy and cybersecurity.  

For individuals, the CIPT certification may help advance your career and provide additional opportunities. Meanwhile, for businesses, developing an increased emphasis on privacy and cybersecurity can be a competitive advantage and a key step towards compliance and risk management.  


What Skills Does the CIPT Certification Teach and Test? 

The CIPT certification provides test takers with the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their knowledge of privacy issues and how technology can be used to increase privacy compliance and strengthen organisational privacy outcomes. Beyond this, it teaches IT professionals about why privacy matters, what consumers expect, and the trends in privacy regulation to be aware of.   

Crucially, the CIPT certification (and training) will equip technology professionals with the language to communicate about privacy and cybersecurity issues with other departments – including marketing, management, and legal.  


Career Opportunities for Privacy Professionals with the CIPT Certification 

As we said in the introduction, every organisation has data privacy needs. Your CIPT certification gives you additional credibility as a privacy-alert information security professional, while also opening doors for privacy-specific roles. We anticipate the demand for CIPT certified technology professionals to continue to grow in the coming years.   

On the day of writing this article, we searched Glassdoor and Seek.Com.Au and found these 4 info sec roles (advertised within the past month) specifying the CIPT qualification as advantageous:  


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Are You Ready to Take Your CIPT Certification Exam? 

Find out! Explore our resource “How to Prepare for the CIPT Certification Exam? 

If you’d benefit from additional training before taking your CIPT certification exam, attend our CIPT training course.  

The course is broken into seven modules: 

  • Module 1: Foundational principles 
  • Module 2: The role of technology in privacy 
  • Module 3: Privacy threats and violations. 
  • Module 4: Technical measures and privacy-enhancing technologies 
  • Module 5: Privacy engineering 
  • Module 6: Privacy by design methodology 
  • Module 7: Technology challenges of privacy 

CIPT Training course participants with Privacy 108 receive:  

  • 2 x Full day instructor led on-line training sessions 
  • Official IAPP textbook 
  • Student Guide 
  • Specimen exam 
  • Exam voucher (valid for 6 months and valued at US$550) * 
  • 12 months of IAPP Professional Membership (valued at US$250) 
  • Access to recorded sessions at any time for up to 12 months after the course date. 

Plus additional resources available only to Privacy 108 students to help your exam preparation. 

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