Privacy Awareness Week 2023: Back to basics

Privacy Awareness Week 2023 is May 1 to 7, 2023. This year the theme is the very timely reminder – “Back to Basics.”

Privacy Awareness Week: Back to basics

How timely is the theme of this year’s Privacy Awareness Week?

So it looks like the Pentagon data breach is probably more attributable to poor document control and management, and too much access – rather than one of those “sophisticated cyber attacks” that we hear about, or anything that might require bleeding-edge cybersecurity skills. Extraordinary, given that the data breach involved the exposure of highly classified documents, such as military plans on the war in Ukraine  —  documents that contain information so sensitive that only people with the highest levels of security clearance in the U.S. government are supposed to be able to access them.

It reminds us of the importance of the basic precautions we should have baked in to our cyber and privacy posture:

  • Are we collecting and retaining only the data we need?
  • Are we managing who has access to that data?
  • Are we making sure that that data is secure?

Pretty simple, right …

And, in case we needed it, a ringing endorsement of the OAIC’s Privacy Awareness Week 2023 mantra of Privacy 101 – Back to Basics.

Privacy Awareness Week: OAIC Resources

To mark Privacy Awareness Week 2023, may we suggest that you visit the excellent resources offered by the OAIC at

There are details of PAW events that you can join.

There are Privacy 101 tips for organisations covering topics like training your staff, simplifying your privacy notice, assessing privacy risks and privacy by design – Privacy 101 for businesses.

You can also register your support and take some of the self-assessment quizzes that are provided there.

Definitely worth a look!

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Hope some of those are of help – and Happy Privacy Awareness Week!

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